Der Passagier Porto Portugal Regional traintrotting

Der Passagier – Sommerfrische

In it’s second year, the magazine has released it’s fourth issue focusing on travelling by train in Summer on Thursday, June 30, 2022.
You will find two contributions by me, namely:

  • Porto São Bento – Portrait of a train station
  • A return to Porto – Taking the train along the Rio Douro

The magazine can be ordered here.

Porto Portugal Regional traintrotting

Following the Douro river

Lucky enough, I was taking a couple of different trains trotting along the Douro river from Porto to Pocinho – today’s last station to be reached by train on the so-called Linha do Douro.

In Régua and Pocinho you’ll be finding some old locomotives dating back to the twenties. This part also offers the most spectacular sights and during the summer season you can take the historical train CP 0186 to Tua and back:

There is an article about this trip in the fourth edition of Der Passagier, that was available as of June 30, 2022 at german, swiss and austrian train stations as well as selected super markets.

You can follow this and other trips on FindPenguins.